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May 4, 2017
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GreenPro Direct Services-Drought Tolerant Landscaping

The Importance of Drought Tolerant Plants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been experiencing decades-long droughts water shortages and the importance of drought tolerant plants has increased significantly. If you live in Southern California, you may have witnessed the increased water bills and may have been subjected to municipal fines for watering your lawn.  Even with the recent rain, it is most likely that this trend will continue in the near future due to the geographical location and lack of local fresh water resources. Most of the water travels hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach the Los Angeles area.

Impact Of Water Wise Plants

Homeowners and commercial property owners increasingly switch to water-wise landscaping in order to conserve water, help the environment, and save money. Artificial turf and drought tolerant plants come in a wide variety to choose from.  Artificial grass and water-wise plants are very durable, require little maintenance, and can make for a breath taking landscape.

Because Southern California has extremely dry and harsh summers with excess heat, it is important to put in greens that can withstand this season. Beautiful plants such as cacti, aloe, agave, and shrubs are perfect for this type of weather and look great. Some other types of plants our team can install in your landscaping are: Society Garlic, Lavender, Lantana, Kangaroo Paw, Rock Rose, and much more. If you want to switch your entire yard to be drought tolerant, we suggest that you go for synthetic turf. Our top of the line synthetic grass

Traditional landscaping is dying out, which is a good thing. If every homeowner in your community spends about 30 minutes to one hour a day watering their plants and grass, imagine how much water your neighbors are using up altogether? The outcome is shocking. Millions of people are wasting precious amounts of water that we can conserve and use it for much more important things such as drinking or for hygienic purposes.

If you are tired of spending tons of money on your water bills, and keeping up with the long hours of maintenance, Call us today to get started on wise water plant installations. Greenpro Direct is an affordable artificial grass company that supports the water conservation. By adding water wise plant installations, you are taking that huge step to support your community.




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