Greenpro Direct is a top eco-friendly outdoor living specialist serving the greater Los Angeles area. We are an experienced, green building home improvement company and specialize in sustainable, eco-friendly exterior energy efficient home improvement services. We offer our customers a wide variety of cost saving home improvement and home remodeling services which include artificial grass, concrete, drought tolerant landscaping, paver installation, patio covers and more.

Save precious time and money on your exterior living spaces with our our high quality, natural-looking artificial grass, low-maintenance patio pavers, and drought tolerant landscaping services. Our synthetic grass reduces your monthly water bills, fuel consumption and gardener costs. Improve your home's curb appeal and increase it's value with a professional artificial turf, landscaping, or paver installation from GreenPro Direct.


GreenPro Direct is proud to contribute to eco-friendly interior and exterior living. Our sustainable green building services can aid the environment and save precious resources while saving you money.

Artificial turf and drought tolerant landscaping are excellent water saving projects that can beautify your home. They can also drastically reduce or eliminate the need for weekly maintenance while adding value and curb appeal.

Drought tolerant landscaping incorporates native water-wise plants into your home’s exterior living spaces, as well as low-maintenance landscaping architecture. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that in dry climates as much as 60 percent of a household’s water use is for landscaping. Save on your monthly water bill and feel good about diminishing your carbon footprint.

Landscaping can increase your home’s value by as much as 15%. Improvements such as patio covers, decks, BBQ pits, pavers, and water features can make your home more inviting, attractive, and easier to sell. Contact us today for a free estimate.



Greenpro Direct specializes in responsible and sustainable green remodeling and construction for your interior and exterior living needs. We're all about using special materials and techniques that reduce fossil fuel consumption and conserve our natural resources. Everyone wins with our sustainable green building services. You save time and money while you also contribute to saving the environment for future generations. Greenpro Direct is a highly rated green building specialist with some of the best materials, design, pricing, and installation for your eco-friendly home or business.


Artificial grass saves resources, time and money by conserving water, making your sprinkler system obselete and eliminating the need for a gardener.

Qualifying Los Angeles residents can get cash-back rebates up to $2.00/square foot through water conservation subsidies – get paid to replace your natural grass!

Earn cash-back water conservation rebates when you replace your turf grass.

Heat and frost resistant so that your turf does not become damaged in extreme weather – no more sun-damaged grass and bald spots on your lawn!


Easily transform your outdoor living spaces with beautiful and long lasting pavers. Concrete, clay, or natural stone pavers are durable, flexible, and can enhance the look and feel of any architectural style . Your new paver flooring design can fit any look that you are looking to achieve. Greenpro Direct has high quality paver materials, design, and installation for your pool deck, driveway, patio, BBQ pit, exterior kitchen, and walkway in and around the Los Angeles area.


Drought tolerant landscaping saves resources, time and money by conserving water, making your sprinkler system obsolete and eliminating the need for weekly gardener services.